The second phase of containers at Cargo is smashing it since opening last month, and Spuntino certainly doesn’t disappoint. Wapping Wharf is absolutely the place to be right now for food, it’s becoming a full time job to try it all out! After a cracking (or should that be, crackling?) dinner at Pigsty a while back, next on the list was Spuntino.

Don’t let the name fool you (it’s Italian for “snack”), pizza and lasagne are not on the menu here. It’s a burgers, mac & cheese kinda place, apparently influenced by New York Italian foodie sorts.

Visiting on a Saturday after a beautifully sunny day in Bristol, the sun had gone in so we took shelter for some comfort food. We were lucky to get in, as with all of Cargo’s offerings, there’s only space for 30 or so covers, so we squeezed onto the end of the long bench in the middle. There’s something exciting about the bustle in all of these container restaurants, and while the delivery of the food on enamel dishes is getting a little samey, the scran most definitely isn’t.

The menu is varied for a small restaurant, it isn’t JUST burgers and there are a few more interesting items too, including their signature Truffled Egg Toast, Aubergine Fries and Lobster Mac & Cheese. All dishes are the kind of prices you’d expect, burgers are about £7.50 (but don’t come with any sides). The only anomaly price wise I’d say is the PB & J sandwich, which is £7, a little pricey for a dessert.


We went for:

  • Marla Singer burger (yes, that’s a Fight Club reference)
  • Eagle Rock dog
  • Aubergine fries
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese – which was £11, bargain in my opinion!

My Lobster Mac & Cheese came in a pan hotter than the sun and I burned both my finger and the roof of my mouth in all the excitement (I WAS warned), but it was absolutely 100% worth it. The levels to this dish were impressive, it had the gooey cheesy goodness you’ve come to expect from restaurant quality mac & cheese, but with the twist of lobster, which I could really taste throughout. My chum Becky (you’ve come across her before, regular readers) was a big fan of her Eagle Rock dog, a classic hot dog with a Russian sauce, onions and pickles piled on top, and Amy’s aubergine fries divided opinion. I was a fan.

Special note to also mention the staff; service was fun & friendly, even though they were clearly super busy. You also get chilli popcorn while you wait, and I love nibbles for the table.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Another notch on the old bedpost for us Cargo fans.

Mary x


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