Atomic Diner

These guys have a mission. To take us back to when “burgers were as big as your head, summer lasted forever, and simple things made you smile”. Here at Cooks & Eats we’re on board with all of that, so we paid them a visit.


If you’re a regular on the Bristol burger scene (that’s a thing right?) then you’ve probably been to Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road. Perhaps you’ve heard of Atomic Pizza as well, they’re in Oxford. Atomic Diner in Broadmead is a deep-fried, memorabilia-filled culmination of the two. The decor reminded us of the cafe of an indoor kids play area. But a cool one. It’s jam-packed with stickers on the walls, nostalgia ridden VHS tapes and action figures galore, and you kind of just want to wander around looking at this stuff, it’s a bit like a fun retro museum, with a few more modern touches like the bigger than life-sized Simpsons sofa (ideal for those Instagram pics). In case you hadn’t worked out by now, this isn’t your standard restaurant, and it’s a lot of fun!





Burgers are all amusingly titled – Forrest Gump (aptly named as it’s the plain, simple one), the Dead Elvis, and the Chuck Norris to name a few, as well as the opportunity to create your own or take on one of the big guys – I couldn’t help but notice the B.A Barracus – triple stacked burger, with USA Cheese, BBQ pulled pork & crispy bacon on each stack. Heart attack on a plate. I’m not judging, I was tempted. The menu is also home to dogs, pizzas, milkshakes and very loaded fries.


I chose the Daisy Duke (£10.50) – crispy bacon, USA cheese and BBQ sauce – and added fried onions (75p). All burgers come with a side, which for me was an extremely generous portion of sweet potato fries plus coleslaw and pickles. Let me tell you, I was impressed. The bun was super light, and I think a little bit toasted, the meat was juicy and the bacon really was crispy. My pal Becky had the Bandit (£10.50), Cajun rubbed beef with BBQ sauce, an onion ring and cheddar cheese which she was a big fan of, although if forced to critique she felt whilst it added a gentle heat, the Cajun flavour was missing something. She chose the Sci Fries (sprinkled with chilli and garlic) which were fab but too hot for wusses like me. We finished these off with two very impressive sundaes. Mine was the Wookie Cookie (£5.95) – oreos, ice cream, whipped cream, butterscotch sauce and marshmallow fluff. Phwooooar. We wanted milkshakes too, but managed to resist. Even though they do one with bacon in it.

This is not a grown up venue for a civilised night out. It’s a bunch of fun, extremely child friendly and somewhere to go with your mates for a big feed. It might be a good date venue; there will be plenty to talk about with Power Rangers hanging from the ceiling and a dalek lurking in the corner. Plus, if someone’s happy with getting burger sauce all over their face they could be a keeper.

We’re spoiled for choice for burger places in Bristol, and this is certainly one to tick off.

Mary x


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