Kitchen & Crust

Thought I was going to The Stock Exchange Bakery, but got a bit confused as it wasn’t written anywhere. Turns out they’ve changed their name to Kitchen & Crust, so that explains that one!


Lovely little place for an afternoon coffee & cake, but they also do a Brunch / Lunch menu. It’s SO popular in here, I managed to get a table but people came and went the whole time we were there who couldn’t find a seat. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one, and I think they take bookings for brunch too. It’s a great ambience; with a few tables, an area with bar stools in the window, then some comfier corners. They have a range of papers and cookbooks to browse and whilst it’s really busy, it doesn’t feel too manic.

I’ll get the only tiny criticism out the way first (this is a very positive blog,  I generally thoroughly enjoy everywhere I go, so if you’re looking for scathing reviews and critiques, you won’t find them here!). The service was pretty slow to order, they were rushed off their feet and probably could’ve done with more staff.

I was craving nutrition when I arrived, so ordered a Super Green Smoothie made up of spinach, apple, avocado, lime, basil and spirulina (that’s a high protein algae dontcha know) which was delish.  Once my chum Sammi arrived, I was obviously after sugar again and had a frothy chai latte and a bakewell slice. Honestly the sugar addiction is a real thing. I pretty much only ate sugar on Saturday.

Sammi went for a salted caramel latte and a rock-solid piece of tiffin, and it was smiles all round. I want to go for brunch next time as their eggs looked egg-cellent (sorrynotsorry) and the Croque Monsieur gave me serious food-envy as they smelled so wonderfully cheesy. Tres Bon!

Love a coffee date and highly recommend this little venue!

Mary x


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